Thursday, April 18, 2013

"TODAY'S PC IS EQUAL TO THE PAPER AND PENCIL WHEN I entered grammar school, in 1964."

So, here is a call to Bill Gates, Michael Dell, HP, and IBM. As the marketeers are determining that the PC is about to vanish from our little reach, I implore you to take the vast amount of PC's sitting on the shelf, continue to make them all for one very logical sound reason. People need them! Far too many are still unfamiliar with and lack proficiency in computer manipulation. You see there is a direct connection between hand to eye coordination and brain stimulation. 15 years ago as computer/telecommunication by way of the PC and internet became the rage, schools stopped teaching handwriting as a mandated subject. They wondered why it was important when we were all going to be typing on PC's. The PC replaced the paper and pencil for a great many of us. Now we have touch pads, and a simple swipe of the finger does it all, so pads replace the PC. But, please understand the vast majority of children in rural, and urban communities still have never mastered the PC. What does this mean? It means we have created a society of consumers and not producers. Of simpletons as opposed to developers. I encourage the vast wealth earned by the front runners of the telecommunication/computer age to now reinvest in a meaningful way. Until every school age child has a PC, access to internet and access to meaningful implementation into their daily lives the achievement gap will continue to widen. In other words, "TODAY'S PC IS EQUAL TO THE PAPER AND PENCIL WHEN I entered grammar school, in 1964."

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