Saturday, March 7, 2015

Say NO to Standardized Tests; Ignoring Science Spreads Ignorance!

My response to an amazing educators comments on Florida's newest standardized test. "All of the billions of dollars of research over the past 100 years has been thrown out by bureaucracy. It is amazing, while they fight tooth and nail to get everyone immunized before going in to school because science has proven that immunizations prevent the spread of disease, they continue to ignore scientific evidence that standardized testing causes failure, It diminishes and steals away from all of the scientific research over thousands of years stretching back to Socrates. The way we reach our kids to make them better educated, better humans, better people is not housed in a standardized tests. There is only one purpose for standardized tests and that is to make those who have studied economic makes a lot of publishers from Marzano to McGraw Hill very wealthy individuals. Funny, one of the first test subjects, the very person who helped to establish Stanford tests became a leading destroyer of artistry in the classroom.: Madeline Hunter 1930. At the same time that Hitler was putting into play his mind control over the youth in Germany, Madeline Hunter was helping devise the very tests that would help to turn our nation into automatons. Thankfully the human spirit is stronger than a nation ruled by those would molest our children for their financial gain."