Monday, October 20, 2014

Follow the Money! Right out of Taxpayer's Wallets!

Oklahoma's winter testing will cost taxpayers $3.4 million this year. Well, that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but considering many school districts are cutting services such as cleaning classrooms daily. They are cutting programs such as art, physical education, educational field trips and yes, classroom teachers. So, IT IS A BIG DEAL! What should this really be signalling to all of you? Well, to me it signals that testing is a big money making scheme all on the backs of our kids to perform and it is a financial burden on you and me. Also, that no matter how well our kids are doing or not doing, the testing will only increase until YOU do something to demand that it stop!

Now, let's do a little applied math lesson shall we? Multiply 3.4 million out by all 50 states! Then multiply that times all the tests that are mandated annually. Then multiply that times the amount of Administrator and teacher's salaries used in order to implement the multiple tests that our kids take annually. Then add in the cost of local, state and federal agencies in place to fund said tests. Then add in the number of supplemental programs (all non-profit of course) that are put into action to make up for the assumed inadequacies of the tests that were put in place to measure the effectiveness of instruction, or the lack thereof. (You see if we are spending up to 5 weeks or more a year in testing, THERE IS NO INSTRUCTION taking place! Testing is not instruction. It is not teaching!)

Maybe it is time for taxpayers to spend more time questioning where the money goes and why it is that suddenly the generation of children that entered our schools beginning in 2000 need to be tested to the nth degree. Maybe it is time for them to start defending their school district, children and their teachers and pointed the finger of blame where it belongs at the governmental agencies that are in collusion with the publishing companies!

Oh but wait! We have an entire nation filled with parents who bow down to the First Lady when she, not the President or Congress, when she says our school lunches are not adequate! Well sorry to tell you but, I did not elect the First Lady and you are not a paid representation of this nation! Am I the only one thinking outside the box around here?